Are you looking to have a fun night out with your best friends, but you’re sick of doing the same thing every time? A ride aboard Buffalo Cycleboats is just what you and your friends need for a change of scene.

Whether your group is under 21 or 21+, Buffalo Cycleboats can guarantee a good time! Mix some awesome music with food and beverages you bring aboard, and you’ll be all set to get out of the house with your favorite people for a fun night out. We can even make stops at some great bars around Buffalo like, Buffalo River Works, Swannie House, Tewksbury Lodge, RiverFest Park, Liberty Hound, 716 Food and Sport, and Templeton Landing (dock space permitting).

You don’t want to keep visiting the same places every time you and your friends get together, so try something new and book a night with Buffalo Cycleboats. We will help make it a perfect day or night out exploring Buffalo! 


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Corporate Functions and Team Building

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