WGRZ Buffalo Talks Buffalo CycleBoat

WGRZ Buffalo talks about the Newest Craze to Hit The Buffalo Waterfront, to watch the video, click the image below or click here

Owner of Buffalo CycleBoats, Brandon Bova had the chance to speak with WGRZ News Channel 2’s Dooley O’Rourke to discuss the launch of Buffalo CycleBoats in Buffalo NY.

We are only a few days into spring, but already, some folks around here are making plans for the warm weather head. Photojournalist Dooley O'Rourke introduces us to one man who's planning on combining bicycles and boats in the hopes of creating the newest craze on Buffalo's waterfront in today's "Tell me Something Good." 

There are bikes that you pedal, and there are boats that you paddle. There are bikes for the ice, and boats for bikes. Now, Buffalo businessman, Brandon Bova, wants to add yet another combination and he wants you to ride along.

“It's a bike, it's a bar, and as well as a pedal boat” said Bova.

Bova plans to launch Buffalo CycleBoats in mid-May. Seen here in a promotional video, it's a paddle boat that you pedal.  “It's kind of like a large pontoon boat, on top of the boat we have pedal bike stations. Riders then pedal the bike station, which turns the big paddle on the rear of the vessel, which propels the boat along the waterways here in Buffalo” said Bova.

“The boat seats 16 people, 10 pedal stations, as well as a bench seat where five other people can enjoy the ride without pedaling. So not everybody is required to pedal, and if you do get tired, we do have a backup motor” said Bova. 

Perfect for those who don't want to work while visiting the waterfront.

We're launching out of Erie Basin Marina. We have a couple of routes, so if Canalside is very busy, we can alter our routes around them, you know, go down towards Black Rock area or go up towards Wilkinson Point” said Bova.

Bova takes delivery of his CycleBoat in about two weeks, and if the ice is gone by then, he's hoping for a summer of smooth sailing ... Of pedaling. In Buffalo, Dooley O'Rourke, Channel 2 News. 

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Pedal Boat Tours Coming To Buffalo Waterfront

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Waterfront will be bustling soon. Summer isn't all that far away. News 4 Kaylee Wendt shows us something new that will debut on the downtown waterways this year.

Anywhere you go along the Buffalo waterfront in the summer, you'll find hundreds of people. Shops, restaurants, and plenty of entertainment to keep the most busy of bodies occupied. This summer there'll be another thing to add to your to-do list. A Cycleboat.

“It's a great hybrid contraption of a boat, a bike and a bar, pretty much floating on the water” said Bova

The boat will be the first of its kind in Buffalo, but the idea is not new. Nine other cities around the United States have already incorporated the cycle into their waterways.

“I actually came across the boat while I was out in Seattle. I saw the boat cruising along Lake Union and people are having the time of their lives, so I decided why not investigate and try to get this boat to Buffalo” said Bova.

It's taken about a year and a half to get approval, but owner Brandon Bova hopes that it will be ready for the upcoming season which starts May 21st 2017.

Operating season's going to be from Memorial Day to Labor Day as weather permits. We could be going a little bit earlier or a little bit later into the October season. Rain or shine, the boat will be able to show you things you may have never seen before from land. 

“I think this is a great opportunity for guests of our city that may not have a boat to get out on the water, see Buffalo from a different point of view” said Bova.

The scheduled route will take about two hours and can be tailored to any party's need, whether you're out celebrating or you want more history of the Queen City.

“You're going to be able to get a little bit of knowledge of the Buffalo waterfront and the history of the waterfront along the rivers as well” said Bova.

This included trivia on the boat. If you're interested in learning more about the newest Buffalo trend, you can find more information on the Found it on 4 section of our website. In Buffalo, Kaylee Wendt, News 4. 

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