Why Your Summer Will Instantly Get Better When You Ride a Peddle Bar

Got plans this summer? How about checking out a peddle bar on Buffalo Cycleboats cruise? We’ll tell you all the reasons why this cruise is the best thing you can do all summer long!

1.    You can choose to peddle or you can choose to view the sights

Whether you choose to view the sites of Buffalo during the day or night, doing so from the water is certainly a nice view. On top of this, we have a backup motor so you can enjoy peddling as little or as long as you like, while still relaxing and knowing we’ve got you covered no matter how you’re feeling.


2.    Peddle bars are so much more fun with friends!

You can choose to come solo, with a friend or family member, or you can rent out the entire boat! We have seats for up to 16, or you can rent out both peddle bars and make it a trip for 32.


3.    You can turn the cycleboat cruise into a booze cruise

Are you ready to have a party just for the adults? Feel free to bring some alcohol (beer or wine) to turn your day or night out into one great peddle bar experience. Our boat includes a custom 10 seat bar so this is not your ordinary boat!

4.    We can also do a pub crawl

Wanna spice things up a little bit and keep things interesting? Let’s have a pub crawl! We can stop at some of your favorite pubs along the way, so long as there is a place we can dock the boat. Let’s make this night out one to remember!


5.    Your music will make it your party

No more elevator music or cheezy songs from the 80s – unless that’s what you want! Bring along your tunes and we will ensure they get played, so you can have a dance party while listening to Rihanna or slow down with Jimmy Buffett.


6.    You’ll get a gift when you book out the whole boat

Did we mention you get some freebies when you book the whole boat? It’s our way of saying, “Thank you,” while giving you yet another reason to remember your fun time on the river with Buffalo Cycleboats.