What to Bring on Your CycleBoat Cruise


Are you all geared up for your cycleboat cruise? This is going to be a trip for the books, so we want to make sure you’re prepared for your adventure! Here at Buffalo Cycleboats, we want to make sure you’re all set for your pedal boat tour. Let’s see if you’ve got the basics, so we can make this a day to remember.

1.    Music

Let’s kick up the party with some great music! When you bring your music with you, we can hook it up to our custom sound system to keep the party going on the water. Not to worry, if you don’t have music, we’ll still have a fun time! We’ll also have backup music in case you need it.

2.    Food

Food or cakes to celebrate the big day are highly recommended. Popular food recommendations are simple picky foods like cheese platters, veggie trays, chips & dips, sandwich & wrap platters, cupcakes etc. Don’t feel like bringing food? Allow us to cater for you!

3.    We also provide catering

We can team up with one of our favorite local bars and arrange bites and beverages for you, at an additional cost. We work with the Lenox Grill here in Buffalo NY for all our catering needs. Pro tip, try the award winning chicken wings which are also featured on the Buffalo Wing Trail! www.lenoxgrill.com Reach out for more information!

4.    Drinks

For alcohol, you’ll need to BYOB . Beer, wine and any non alcoholic beverages are permitted onboard.

5.    Friends and family!

Yar! A Journey ain’t a journey without your mateys. Come one come all as we an accommodate up to 32 passengers

6.    A fun attitude! Leave work at home

Most importantly, we are entering island time! Even if it’s just for a couple of hours. Leave your worries at home, and let us take you on the experience of a lifetime.

 Other recomendations:

1. Sunscreen           

You can wear some if you want, but if you don’t like basking in the sun, we will have a retractable awning that will provide plenty of shade.

2. Umbrellas

If the weather isn’t as fair as a maiden, not to worry! We have an awning that can provide protection from the rain.

3. Boat Shoes

Arrr! It’s ok to wear your boat shoes, but alas, matey, you won’t be needin’ them. Any shoes ye be wearing on yer’ cycleboat cruise are fine. Pro Tip: We recommend closed toe shoes for pedaling, but they are not required.

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